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Compatibility and Installation

The Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E is compatible with all modern platforms. We couldn’t find its installation guide on the official website but the procedure is actually the same as with the Archon, for example. It’s extremely simple with Intel’s LGA2011 platform, actually. First you insert dual-sided threaded pins into the mounting holes and fasten the support plate (which is the same for every platform this cooler is compatible with).

Then you apply some thermal grease, install the heatsink and secure it from above with a retention plate and screws.

The pressure is so high that the support and retention plates, each being 2 millimeters thick, bend, making it hard to turn the screws. Thermalright must have decided to add this exceedingly high pressure to the cooler’s convex sole in order to ensure even better contact with the CPU.

Installed on the mainboard, the Silver Arrow SB-E didn’t conflict with the heatsinks on the power components or system memory, although the TY-141 barely touched the latter.


Located between the two heatsink sections, the TY-150 could be lowered down to the bottom of the cooler, so the total height of the cooler with fans was 175 millimeters and we could easily close the side panel of our system case.


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