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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Thermalright Silver Arrow is totally universal. For AMD processors you will need a backplate and a cross-shaped retention plate. For Intel CPUs you will use retention with a universal backplate for all three platforms (LGA775/1156/1366) that provides variable pressure. We have seen a similar retention on Venomous X and HR-02 cooler.

Silver Arrow looks gigantic when installed onto a mainboard:

The distance from the LGA1366 mainboard to the lowest heatsink plate is 47 mm, so there will hardly be any conflicts between the cooler and any heatsinks in the area around the processor socket. However, one of the fans installed using enclosed wire clips and shock absorbing pads may be in the way of memory modules with tall heat-spreaders, because its lower edge is going to hang lower than the heatsink:

As we have already mentioned above, Thermalright TY-140 fans will be discussed in detail in ou8r upcoming article, although we did include their specifications into the Silver Arrow technical specs chart below. However, we would like to point out right away that Thermalright could have made the fan power cable somewhat longer, as it is only 25 cm, which is not enough.

As a result, we see the same Thermalright IFX-14 with slightly modified heatsink plates, improved retention, two 140 mm fans among the bundled accessories and almost mirror-like nickel-plated coating. Don’t you think that these modifications could be too insignificant to ensure that the cooler wins Thermalright their leadership back with confidence? Well, we are about to find out now.

Technical Specifications and Recommended Pricing

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