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“Supermarine Spitfire was a pretty successful British fighter plane during WWII. At least my grandfather who participated in the battle of Khalkhin-Gol, fought in the World War II and brought down two German fighters spoke of Spitfire as a comparatively convenient and reliable aircraft, although he only managed to fly it closer to the end of the war. It is hard to tell why Thermalright decided to name their new graphics card cooler Spitfire, because it doesn’t look anything like an air-fighter at all, even from a distance. Maybe in this case it is not the exterior resemblance but the ability to kill something that inspired the name. And what exactly could a graphics card cooler kill? Of course, primarily high heat dissipation, and high noise levels. So, our today’s article will tell you how successfully Thermalright Spitfire cooler and Thermalright VRM-R3-5 heatsinks manage to accomplish this goal.

Package and Accessories

To my genuine surprise the packaging of the new Thermalright cooler and heatsinks is again pretty primitive and unappealing: brown cardboard boxes with minimum information on them:

The only things you can find out from the writing on the boxes are the manufacturer name and the heatsink model. Nothing else. It is in fact pretty strange since Thermalright provided their Venomous X, IFX-14 and Ultra-120 eXtreme RT1366 coolers with very eye-catching attractive looking boxes with a lot of information on them, and now they seem to have gone back to their “signature” brown boxes. Anyway, let’s take a look inside now:

And inside there is a lot of stuff: three manuals, heatsinks, thermal grease, pads, fan retention clips, - in other words everything necessary to install the heatsink over the graphics card and then top it with all the additional goodies. There is, however, no fan bundled with the heatsink. I would like to add that Spitfire and VRM-heatsinks all sit in protective casings made of polyurethane foam.

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