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Closer Look at VRM Heatsinks

VRM-R3, R4 and R5 heatsinks are bundled with two screws and washers, thermal pads, two fan retention clips, installation guide and Thermalright sticker:

VRM-R3 and R4 heatsinks differ only by the position of the external heatsink. The R3 one will be parallel to the mainboard, while the R4 one – perpendicular to it:


These heatsinks are not very different from VRM-R1 and R2, which we have already reviewed before the same heat-spreader, two heatpipes coming out of it and an external heatsink made of 25 perforated aluminum plates, which are 0.45 mm thick and spaced out at 2 mm distance from one another:


VRM-R5 model was developed specifically for use with Spitfire cooler and looks like VRM-R4 which heatpipes and external heatsink have been shifted to the right. Also, VRM-R5 has a larger heat-spreader with taller fins. Other than that there are no design differences of any kind.

The schemes below show the dimensions of the discussed heatsinks:




All heatsinks without the fans weigh 140 g each. Each heatsink can take an 80 mm fan that is why each comes with two retention wire clips. The recommended retail price of these additional heatsinks is $30.

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