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Thermalright Т-Rad2 GTX with a VRM heatsink is currently the most efficient cooling solution for Radeon HD 4870/4890.once you equip these graphics cards with the cooler from Thermalright we tested today, they stop scaring users with their super-high temperatures. I have to remind you that we tested T-Rad2 GTX on a substantially overclocked Radeon HD 4890, which makes it even more valuable. VRM heatsinks are an inalienable part of efficient cooling system for these graphics cards. You can’t install an alternative cooler onto a Radeon HD 4870/4890 without VRM1 or VRM2. And in this case the opportunity to purchase Thermalright VRM1/2 separately is a definite Advantage of the solution and not a drawback of Thermalright Т-Rad2 GTX, as you may have thought at first.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about Thermalright Т-Rad2 GTX in respect to GeForce GTX graphics cards. The uneven cooler base surface has negative effect on the heat transfer from the relatively large GPU heat-spreader to the cooler base plate. Besides, there is nothing that you could possible put over the voltage regulator components. There is also nothing for the NVIO chip cooling included with the cooler. The heatsink that is allegedly designed for NVIO doesn’t fit beneath the cooler heatpipes and doesn’t stick to the chip properly. I hope that very soon Thermalright will also make a gesture towards Nvidia based graphics card owners and will provide T-Rad2 GTX with everything necessary for fully-fledged cooling.

P.S.: As we have just learned, Thermalright is working on the new bundle for T-Rad2 GTX cooler that will include two TR-SL-92-1500 fans. This change won’t affect the price of the solution in any way.
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