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Do you know that the last cooler model released by Thermalright Inc. is Thermalright IFX-14? I am sure you do. But I think very few overclockers know that this cooler was actually officially announced more than a year and a half ago. This is pretty serious age for cooling solutions manufacturers and for the Hi-Tech industry in general. As a rule, well-known brands, like Thermalright, release new coolers at least once every quarter, and here the interval turned out way longer. Let’s try figure out why.

First of all, this deliberateness can be explained by the fact that Thermalright Company boasts pretty modest sales volumes compared to Thermaltake, Scythe or Zalman, for instance. It means that they spend less on research and development of new cooling solutions and production lines upgrade, and refresh their product range less frequently, too. At the same time, the second factor - extremely high efficiency of the existing cooling solutions from this manufacturer – seems to me the most significant. Why invent anything new, spend money and time on it, when competition cannot outperform the already existing Thermalright coolers? Quite logical, isn’t it?

On the other hand, it is a little sad that a talented manufacturer like Thermalright doesn’t roll out their highly efficient cooling solutions more often. A new AXP-140 cooler has just been showcased at a few events, they release new LGA 1366 retention kit and started offering cooling solutions with fans, but it is still not enough for true fans of the brand. The company, however, decided to please their dedicated fans with a solid copper modification of their Ultra-120 eXtreme cooler aka TRUE Copper Ultra-120 eXtreme. The new solution is a limited edition product: only 1000 units were made.

There are many examples when cooling solutions with aluminum heatsink arrays have been modified to solid copper versions. Among the most recent ones are Scythe Ninja Copper and Thermaltake MaxOrb EX. We also remember that replacing aluminum heatsink plates with copper ones provides very small CPU temperature improvement under peak workload that doesn’t really justify the cost and cooler weight increase. Will this be true for Thermalright TRUE Copper Ultra-120 eXtreme? Let’s find out now!

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