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The 40x40 mm base plate is slightly curved, but despite this fact, the thermal paste imprint of the CPU turned out OK:

The heatsink is equipped with a seven-blade 120 mm PWM controlled fan, which looks very similar to Thermalright X-Silent 120:


The rotation speed of this fan should change from 1000 to 1500 RPM creating 35-66.5 CFM airflow and producing 119.6-37.4 dBA of noise. The MTBF of the slide bearing inside the fan motor is not specified. The fan is attached to the heatsink using two wire clips:

I think Thermalright may have simply… forgotten to include another pair of clips with the cooler accessories. In conclusion I have to add that the cooler is 160x133x52 mm in size and weighs 670 grams.

Unlike Cogage True Spirit, the same-name cooler from Thermalright is a universal solution that can be installed on any contemporary platform. It uses an improved backplate with retention screws and plastic bushes:

Another set of metal bushes is then screwed on to the screw ends sticking out of the PCB, and the actual mounting plate is then attached to them:


After that you have to apply a layer of thermal paste to the CPU heat-spreader, install the cooler on top and secure it in place with a retention plate and a set of screws:

This retention provides very strong pressure hold, although the actual installation is fairly simple, as you have just seen. There are no additional central screws, like the one on Thermalright Archon, for example. Now all you need to do is install the fan, and the cooler is ready to work:

The minimal clearance between the lowest heatsink plate and the cooler base is 46 mm.

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