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It looks like we can once more time conclude our review with a phrase that there is yet another super-cooler out there right now, but for some reason we are not particularly excited. Over the past year and a half we have witnessed very moderate and slow evolution of the CPU air cooling systems. That must be the reason why we are not raving with optimism just yet. I wish that Moore’s Law worked for cooling systems, too, so that we could finally see a significant improvement in cooling efficiency.

Yes, Thermalright Venomous X is an excellent cooler with remarkable efficiency. It is a little expensive, but the fans of Thermalright brand will not be discouraged by a 65-dollar price tag. New retention mechanism and mirror-shining base surface are good bonuses, but unfortunately, they do not produce the desired effect. At the same time, we don’t quite understand why Thermalright engineers didn’t perforate the heatsink plates of Venomous X the same way they did with the pates of Ultra-120 eXtreme rev.C, and why they didn’t make the cooler wider (83 mm instead of 63 mm). Even with two 120x25 mm fans the cooler would still be only 135 mm wide and would definitely stay below 900 g. Both these parameters are quite typical of contemporary CPU cooling solutions, but these measures could have increased the effective cooling surface by 32%, which would positively affect the efficiency. I don’t know if Thermalright engineers are thinking about it at all, but I am sure they could have checked it out, just out of curiosity.

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