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After a pretty long quiet time in the cooling solutions segment, Thermaltake started a massive attack to the market launching one product after another. Following the minor modifications of V1 and MaxOrb coolers that we are going to talk about in our next article, they rolled out Thermaltake Rotation (SpinQ), V14 Pro, TMG IA1; Fanless 330, Sorb and DuOrb AX VGA coolers; and an extremely interesting “Freon” system - Xpressar RCS100. However, I doubt that anyone will argue that the most long-awaited and promising cooler of all new Thermaltake solutions is the Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro, the successor to the legendary Big Typhoon.

What is the secret of Big Typhoon’s (120, VX) success? I believe the answer is fairly simple: it is first of all the price-to-efficiency it has to offer, then its broad availability, then simple installation and no compatibility issues of any kind. There were (and are) some coolers that are more efficient than Big Typhoon, however, if you took into account the entire combination of advantages mentioned above, it was very hard to find an alternative to it. And what did Thermaltake do about it? In fact, nothing! The company rested on their laurels, counting revenues from the massive sales of this extremely successful solution and didn’t introduce any modifications (you could install a second fan and fan rotation speed controller on your own).

In the meanwhile time went on. Overclockers became more selective and new competitors with more efficient and sometimes even more affordable solutions appeared in the market. Many users were unhappy about the inconvenient retention mechanism for the first Big Typhoon revisions that used spindles. The new retention using even weaker plastic clips caused a new wave of discontent and criticism. Rough base of the cooler also was a cause for “piquing”. Moreover, the cooler was no longer an efficiency leader (which was quite logical, because more than three years have passed since the first Big Typhoon revisions came out). And finally time has come.

As far as I remember, even the very first photos of BigTyp 14Pro and news about it inspired numerous discussions of its anticipated efficiency and prospects in computer forums. Having taken only a part of the previous name, Thermaltake decided to add number 14 to it that indicated the fan type. We were among the first lucky ones who managed to get their hands on the new cooler samples and today we are going to answer most of the questions about the new cooler and help you position it among contemporary air-coolers. So let’s get started!

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