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Design and Functionality

The design of the new compact liquid-cooling system from Thermaltake can be considered a classic for the systems of this type. It consists of a radiator with attached fan, a pump and water block unit and connecting tubes in spring sleeves:


Very simple. The above mentioned liquid-cooling systems from Corsair and Antec are designed following the same exact principle.

The tubes connecting all these components together are 280 mm long. They are pretty hard and are firmly attached to the fittings with metal clamps:

The radiator is, of course, made of aluminum. It measures 156x121x25 mm:

It consists of 19 thin flat pipes with thin corrugated aluminum band between them forming a cell structure:

The distance between the heatpipes is only 5 mm, and the gaps between the corrugated band ribbing are no more than 1 mm wide. Therefore, even though the effective radiator body is only 20 mm thick, we can expect it to be pretty hard to blow through. The radiator weighs 270 grams.

There are two fittings coming out of the radiator with two tubes 15 mm in external diameter clamped to them:

The motor of the pump installed directly above the water block is covered with a plastic cap:

If you lift it up, you will be able to see the motor and the control board with the power and monitoring cabled coming out of it:

According to the technical specifications, the pump’s performance is 120 l/h and its rotor works at 1750-3000 RPM and is PWM controlled. The pump features a ceramic bearing, which should last at least 50,000 hours or more than 5.7 years of uninterrupted operation. The maximum pump power consumption is declared at 6 W, but our measurements showed that it didn’t ever need more than 4.2 W. The pump power cable is connected to the four-pin CPU fan connector on the mainboard.

All we know about the water block is that it is made of solid copper and comes with a layer of “high efficiency” thermal paste applied to it:

The base surface is very even and is very well finished, although they could have applied less thermal paste:


I would also like to add that the system is prefilled with non-toxic coolant based on propylene glycol and anti-corrosion additives and is leakproof.

There is a 120x120x25 mm fan that is attached to the radiator with four long screws. It has a black frame and seven-blade white impeller:


Note that the same Power Logic fan (PLA12025S12HH-LV model) is included with Thermaltake Frio cooler. The fan rotation speed can be set manually in the 1200-2500 RPM interval using a small variator on a short cable. The maximum airflow is promised to be pretty impressive – 101.6 CFM. The system should generate between 20 and 43 dBA of noise. The fan bearing has the same MTBF as the pump bearing.

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