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In the beginning of last year Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd released their DuOrb graphics card cooler. I would like to remind you that it consisted of two toroidal heatsinks on two copper heatpipes and two fans that cooled this entire structure. The cooler was pretty good in terms of cooling efficiency, but worked pretty loudly and had no fan rotation speed controller. Luckily, Thermaltake engineers didn’t stop at that point and seriously modified their DuOrb cooler having announced a new solution called DuOrb Extreme. What exactly has been changed in the new cooler design, how its efficiency compares against that of the best graphics card air coolers and how noisy it actually is – you can find out all this from our today’s review.

Package and Accessories

The cardboard box, in which Thermaltake DuOrb Extreme ships, is unusually big for a VGA cooler. There is a photo of the cooler installed onto a graphics card on the front of the box. The back of the box is devoted to the brief description of the key cooler features, specifications and the list of supported graphics cards:


There is a clear plastic casing molded like the cooler inside the cardboard box. It holds the cooler securely and protects it:

This way you don’t need to worry about Thermaltake DuOrb Extreme being damaged during transportation. Together with the cooler you get a special box with heatsinks, two types of retention, screws, thermal compound and installation introductions with a warranty slip:

It is very convenient that all interconnected components are sealed in individual bags and all bags are marked with letter indexes that are used in the installation instructions. This way the potential owners of Thermaltake DuOrb Extreme cooler won’t need to think about finding the right retention kit from the bunch of accessories.

The cooler is made in China. At the time of this review we didn’t know the recommended retail price of this solution. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

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