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Design and Functionality

The Thermaltake Frio Advanced is a rather beautiful cooler in the first place, largely due to the two fans with black frames and bright-red impellers that provide a striking contrast. There is also a translucent plastic cap with Thermaltake logo above the heatsink.


Despite its visual bulkiness, the cooler is rather light at 954 grams. Its dimensions are quite modest, too: 159.2 x 130.6 x 122 millimeters.

The heatsink of the Frio Advanced is almost completely hidden under the plastic “armor” in the form of the fans, fan frames and top cap.



Only the sides and bottom of the heatsink are exposed a little:


All of those things can be easily taken off, though, so we can have a better view of the heatsink.

As we’ve noted above, it lacks any innovative solutions. It’s a typical tower-design heatsink made of 41 fins, 0.5 millimeters thick. Placed 2.2 millimeters apart from each other, the fins are pierced by 6mm heat pipes. The contact between the pipes and fins is ensured in an interesting way that may be called dual-sided crimping.

We don’t think this is going to be more efficient than the conventional soldering or press-fitting, though. The heat pipes do not form a straight line in the heatsink body:

This solution helps distribute the heat more uniformly among the fins. The cooler’s base features direct-touch technology. The 1.5mm gaps between the pipes are filled in with an aluminum insert:

The finish quality is typical of direct-touch coolers. Traces of the milling machine are visible but cannot be felt by touch. The cooler’s base is flat, producing uniform thermal grease imprints:


Each of the six heat pipes takes part in transferring heat from the large heat-spreader of an LGA2011 processor. The same would be the case with AMD processors. On a smaller Intel LGA1155 processor the cooler’s outermost pipes will only touch the heat-spreader partially.

The Thermaltake Frio Advanced is equipped with two 7-blade 130mm fans, one for intake and another for exhaust, which are installed on the heatsink in plastic frames with side latches.

You can replace these fans with 120x120mm fans of any thickness because the mounting holes are standard. The speed of the fans is PWM-regulated from 800 to 2000 RPM. Working at their maximum speed, the fans generate an air flow of 88.77 CFM and produce 44 dBA of noise.

The stickers on the fans indicate their original manufacturer, which is Power Logic. It is the PLA12025S12HH-LV model.

The fan’s sleeve bearing is expected to serve for at least 50,000 hours (or 5.7 years) continuously. The peak power consumption is specified to be 6 watts. The startup voltage is 6 volts. According to our measurements, the fans started up at 4.9 volts and consumed no more than 3.8 watts. Their cables are 450 millimeters long.

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