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Practically every manufacturer of processor air-coolers needs to have a flagship product that could successfully compete against the competitors. This is a matter of prestige, branding, recognition and market success, even when we are talking about the coolers from the same maker. For example, these coolers are (click the links to check out our reviews): Thermalright IFX-14, Zalman CNPS10X series, Scythe Mugen 2, Cooler Master V10 and Cooler Master V8, Coolink Corator DS, Noctua NH-D14, Alpenföhn Nordwand, Asus Triton 88, Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer, Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme, etc.

And now imagine that a company selling more coolers than anyone else in the world, doesn’t have a flagship product like that. No matter how paradoxical it is, but since the times of Big Typhoon Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. hasn’t had a decent super-cooler yet. At this point Thermaltake offers semi-budget ISGC series with low cooling efficiency, image-setting V14Pro and SpinQ VT, inexpensive Silent 1156 and even an individual low-end sub-brand called TMG including corresponding mainstream coolers. But as for a super-cooler, there is simply none!

Finally, Thermaltake felt ready to resolve this shortcoming by announcing a new cooler called Frío (that means “cold” or “frost”) with pretty ambitious characteristics. For example, they claimed in the pre-launch announcements that the new cooler can cope with processors running as hot as 220 W! This sounds very impressive, so let’s not wait any longer and check out the new cooling product from Thermaltake.

Package and Accessories

The new cooler is shipped in a large solid-looking box made of thick cardboard. There is a picture of Frío on the front of the box next to the tag claiming that it supports 220 W processors. A little below there are three icons describing the key peculiarities of the cooler:


These peculiarities are all described in detail on the back of the box. There are detailed cooler specifications on one of the sides.

We should give Thermaltake due credit for the quality of its cooler packaging. The cooler is securely protected at the top and bottom with panels of polyurethane foam. There are a smaller box with accessories and an additional cooling fan on both sides of the cooler.


Thanks to this packaging, Frío can feel perfectly safe during all sorts of transportation mishaps.

Inside the small accessories box you can find two backplates, four pairs of steel retention brackets, screws and washers, Thermaltake thermal compound, four silicone mounts for the second fan, installation instructions and a warranty slip:

It is very convenient that every component is sealed into an individual plastic bag marked with a letter. It makes the cooler assembly and installation a lot easier. However, we are going to talk about it in the corresponding section of our review later today. At this time we would only like to add that Thermaltake Frío is made in China and is priced at $59.90 MSRP. The manufacturer provides 1 year warranty with this product.

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