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About a year ago Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd released a Frio processor cooler, which we tested almost immediately. Despite its ambitiousness, Frio didn’t win overclockers’ hearts, because it wasn’t among the performance leaders and could offer neither low noise, nor low price. However, Thermaltake didn’t give in and recently launched their new FrioOCK cooler:

The “OCK” abbreviation stands for “OverClocking King” and obviously announces Thermaltake’s serious intentions in this field. Well, let’s find out how effective this overclocking king actually is and if any of the existing coolers will be able to compete against it.

Package and Accessories

He packaging of this cooler is designed in Thermaltake’s traditional manner. It is a relatively large cardboard box with the cooler photo on the front:

The information on the sides of the package tells us everything we need to know about Thermaltake FrioOCK, including the detailed technical specifications and the list of bundled accessories:


There are two inserts made of polyurethane foam inside the cardboard box, which hold the cooler securely. So, it looks like the package is sturdy enough to ensure proper protection for the cooler against transportation mishaps.

There is a smaller box in the upper part. It contains accessories, installation guide and a warranty slip:

The miniature sections of this box hold two types of steel retention for Intel and AMD platforms, two retention plates with spring screws, four threaded plastic bushes, four screw-nuts, eight screws of two different types, and Thermaltake thermal grease:

Thermaltake FrioOCK is made in China. Its recommended retail price is set at $79.99 and it comes with a two-year warranty.

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