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There is a continuous fan speed controller there:

Just like with the Thermaltake Big Typhoon 120 VX, this position of the controller helps avoid extra wires in the system case, but you have to delve into your computer every time you want to change the fan speed.

The MaxOrb is equipped with a fan with nine translucent 110mm impellers (120mm fan form-factor) and blue highlighting:


This ТТ-1225А fan (marked as “T121212SH”) was manufactured in China in January this year (probably by Everflow). The speed controller can change the rotation speed of the fan from a minimum of 1300rpm to a maximum of 2000rpm, creating 86.5CFM airflow. The noise level changes from 16 to 24dBA at that.

The cooler’s base is processed well:

The visible circular traces of the milling machine are not perceptible by touch. The base is perfectly flat.

There are grooves in the bottom plate of the copper base as well as in the cap above it. They increase the heat transfer area. The heat pipes have contact with both plates by means of soldering. You can see barely visible traces of soldering on the edges of the plates:


A screw is inserted into the top plate and a fastening lever rotates freely on it. It is about how to mount and fasten the cooler on a mainboard that I’ll be talking in the next section.

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