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Design and Functionality

Radiator and Fan Block

First of all we have to dwell on the radiator and fan block. This unit measures 153 x 120 x 53mm and weighs ~450g:

The radiator is made of aluminum using DTT (Dimple Tube Technology). It implies that the internal sides of the radiator channels have special dents creating additional turbulence for the liquid flow. The previously tested Thermaltake BigWater 760i uses the exact same radiator:

There is a special retention on its back side that will hold the radiator on the case rear panel. Its sides are decorated with embossed company name:

There are two fittings covered with protective rubber caps at the bottom of the radiator:

There is a seven-blade 120 x 120 x 25mm fan fastened with screws on top of the radiator. It is covered with a wire grill. If you remove the grill and the fan, you will be able to take a closer look at the latter:


The fan of Thermaltake PW 850i ProWater uses a slide bearing with claimed MTBF of 30,000 hours (about 3.4 years of non-stop operation). The fan is made in China, its model number if TT-1225A and full marking reads A1225C12S, which means that it was most likely manufactured by Everflow Company:

According to the specifications, fan rotation speed may vary from ~1300RPM to ~2400RPM (±10%) generating 16-30dBA of noise. There is a rotation speed controller connected to this fan with a short cable:

It is not very convenient, because you will not be able to move the fan rotation speed controller outside the system case, so you will have to remove the case side panel every time you need to adjust the fan rotation speed. However, it will all depend on how often adjustment like that will be necessary. The remaining two cables are much longer. These are a power cable for the regular Molex-connector and a mainboard cable for rotation speed monitoring.

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