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Assembly and Installation Tips

Assembly and installation of Thermaltake PW 850i ProWater is simple and intuitive. You can download detailed instructions from the official web-site, but I am going to dwell only on the key steps. First of all we need to install the water block onto the mainboard. You will have to put four spindles into the holes around the processor socket and lock them with screw nuts and plastic washers (hereinafter we are going t use the installation procedure for the LGA 775 mainboard as an example):

The backplate with soft padding is installed on the bottom of the PCB:

Then place the water block on top of the CPU with a thin layer of pre-applied thermal compound and press it firmly with four large screw nuts:

The block is pressed extremely securely against the processor heat-spreader, so do not overdo it, because you may damage the board. As you can see on the photo above, the retention plate on the water block is pretty compact and doesn’t get in the way of any electronic components around the processor socket.

Then we need to install the radiator with a fan inside the system case:

All necessary screws are included among the bundled accessories. It requires a spot 153 x 120mm big to fit properly inside the system case. If the radiator with a fan does not fit into your case, Thermaltake made it possible to use it outside the case, but also on the rear panel. Therefore, there are special long screws among the bundled accessories. In this case you will have to turn the fan so that it could blow the air away from the radiator, instead of sucking the air into it. You will find the bracket for the case rear panel with special holes for the pipes and power cables in the accessories bundle, too.

And once the pump and expansion tank block has been placed conveniently inside the system case, all you need to do is connect all elements with pipes with clamps already in place on them. The completely installed system will look as follows:

In fact, Thermaltake recommends installing PW 850i ProWater system into large Full Tower cases, however, as you can see, the whole thing fit nicely into a pretty average ASUS ASCOT 6AR2-B (I haven’t used the drive chassis for ages). Once all the components have been connected and checked out you may use wire spirals that will prevent the pipes from bending. Moreover, you may also cut one of the connecting pipes in half and insert the flow control module between the two halves of the pipe.

The system is filled with coolant in at least two steps. First you fill the expansion tank and then turn on the system for a short while to pump the liquid through. Then you add more coolant to the tank to reach the maximum mark. The system you saw on the photo above consumed the entire 500ml bottle of coolant, therefore, you may want to look for an additional bottle later on or add distilled water.

That’s all. Nice and easy. As I have already said, the coolant and pipes should glow in the UV light.

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