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Liquid-cooling systems are not such frequent guests in home systems even by computer enthusiasts. There are several reasons behind that. Firstly, air-coolers have currently become so efficient that the transition to a liquid-cooling solution is no longer as attractive as a few years ago and doesn’t provide a significant frequency boost during overclocking anymore. Secondly, since liquid-cooling system components are not so widely spread in the market and cost quite a lot, the user will think twice before deciding on a system like that. And thirdly, the complexity, much larger size and possible complications during work also do not contribute to the popularity growth of these solutions. Nevertheless, there is a still a substantial user group out there who pursue the intention to transition to liquid-cooling as painlessly as possible and they are the primary target for mass production liquid-cooling systems that should make this transition smooth, quick and effective. Not so long ago we discussed a pretty inexpensive and very simple liquid-cooling solution called CoolIT Domino, and today we are going to talk about a new product from Thermaltake called ProWater 880i.

Package and Accessories

Thermaltake PW880i liquid-cooling system is shipped in a large cardboard box with a convenient plastic carry handle:

The box is relatively heavy, so this handle is exactly what you need, especially if you need to carry it for some time.

The box is covered with photographs of the system, lists its features and bears a table with the system’s detailed specifications:


Inside the box there is a polyurethane foam casing with cut-out sections that contain all the system components. There is also a small cardboard box with accessories bundle:

Among them are a universal backplate with pads, clamps with screws and washers, retention kits for two types of platforms, thermal compound, plastic ties and even two pieces of double-sided tape. In other words, everything you might need to easily put together and install this system is right there.

With the accessories you also get a flexible polyvinylchloride hose 4 m long and 9.5 mm in diameter and special spiral tubing preventing the hose from folding:


There is also a small hermetically sealed canister with 1000 ml of coolant:


Besides water (93.4 %), this coolant contains propylene glycol (6.0%). It doesn’t require any distilled water to be added to it and is ready to be used immediately. The liquid, as well as the hose glow in UV light. Under no circumstances should you consume this coolant :)

Thermaltake PW880i comes with detailed assembly and installation instructions, an important notice, warranty policy slip and step-by-step instructions for water block installation:

The solution is made in China. At the time of the review we didn’t know the recommended retail price for this product.

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