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Design and Functionality

Radiator and Fans Unit

The main cooling system unit – radiator with fans – measures 273 x 120 x 53 mm. The manufacturer doesn’t specify its weight, but subjectively this unit, and especially the radiator, is very lightweight. It is in fact pretty logical because it is made of solid aluminum.


The design of this radiator is quite common: traditional meshed comb structure with 1.5-2 mm intervals that is soldered to the channels:

There are two fittings coming out of the radiator, each 6.5 mm in internal diameter, that have been carefully covered with rubber caps:

The fitting nozzles rotate freely, which makes it easier to assemble the system.

The radiator is topped with two 120x120x25 mm fans. One of these fans has a complex plastic frame attached to it, which serves to hold the radiator on the system case panel.

The top part of this frame is removable (later on it will be clear why):

The nine-blade fans installed on the radiator are originally made by Everflow (R121225SH marking). According to Thermaltake’s own marking, their model name is TT-1225A:


The slide bearing should guarantee 30,000 hours of non-stop failure-free fan operation. The fans are powered via one Molex-connector of the power supply unit (the cable is about 400 mm long). Their rotation speed can be adjusted using a small regulator in the interval from 1000 to 2000 RPM.

The claimed level of generated noise is between 20 and 28 dBA, and the created airflow is not specified anywhere in the specs sheets.

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