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Pump and Expansion Tank

The pump and expansion tank of Thermaltake PW880i form a single unit connected with a nozzle. If you remember Thermaltake PW850i liquid-cooling system, you can easily notice that this part remained practically the same:

I added “practically”, because this time they indicate the volume of the expansion tank in the official specs as 400 ml instead of 350 ml that used to be before. True, the new tank is a little taller than the old one:


However, the pump is exactly the same as the one used in the previous model. P501 model should pump 500 (±50) liters an hour and raise the water to at least 1.8 m.

There is a small yellow sticker on the pump itself that lists all its official specifications:

The ceramic pump bearing should last 80,000 hours (over 9 years of non-stop operation). The level of noise generated by the pump is promised to be no more than 16 dBA, which strikes me as somewhat too optimistic…

There is a special metal retention plate with holes in it that goes over the radiator. It serves to install the pump and expansion tank unit:


I am going to dwell on it a little later in this review.

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