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Default Water Block and Thermaltake PWB100 (CL-W0168) Water Block

The CPU water block included with Thermaltake PW880i is made of purified copper and weighs about 336 g:


It measures 58x58x35 mm. it comes with the universal retention plate already preinstalled on top of it. This plate fits all contemporary sockets. The water block looks quite common and we don’t know anything about its internal structure. Nevertheless, we should specifically mention exceptional evenness and finish quality of its base:

Thermaltake, however, provided us not only with their new PW880i liquid-cooling system, but also with a new Thermaltake PWB100 processor water block that is not included with the system, but according to the manufacturer, is more effective than the default one.

PWB100 will be selling in a small cardboard box:


It comes bundled with three types of retention, clamps, screws, SilMORE thermal compound and installation instructions:

PWM100 also looks quite common: copper base and black plastic cover with an incoming and outgoing fitting covered with rubber caps:


Unlike the default water block, we managed to take PWB100 apart and take a peek at its internal structure that is pretty interesting:


The central part of the water block copper base consists of numerous round copper pins. Note that they are a little shorter in the very center (there is something like a hollow in the middle) compared to the rest of them. Keeping in mind that the incoming fitting is located right in the center of the water block, we can suppose with high level of probability that the cooling liquid enters in the center of the water block, gets distributed over its entire internal area and returns to the cover along the external edge of the block:

The base surface of PWB100 is not as shiny as that of the default block, but its ia slo impeccably even:


I believe that the main drawback of the PWB100 is its retention mechanism. Unlike the default water block included with Thermaltake PW880i that is installed using very reliable and secure screw-on retention going through the mainboard PCB, PWB100 is installed onto LGA775 mainboards using common plastic push-pins. Besides the fact that these push-pins are very hard and inconvenient to push in until locked, they also bend the PCB and do not provide the same pressure as the screw-on retention. The only advantage is that they can be removed and installed fairly easily, but I doubt that anyone would really care about it, since installing liquid-cooling systems like Thermaltake PW880i usually requires taking the entire system apart anyway. In other words, it is a real pity that PWB100 doesn’t come with a more reliable and secure retention…

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