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Compatibility and Installation Tips

The installation procedure for the new liquid-cooling system is fairly simple, but takes quite a bit of time. For example, it took me 40 minutes, although I was also taking pictures of every step. There is a manual included among the accessories or available on the official company web-site (PDF-file, 5.13 MB). Thermaltake PW880i installation starts with the placement of its major components, where the order doesn’t really matter.

The pump and expansion tank unit can be installed inside or outside the system case on the radiator of the liquid-cooling system:


I decided to choose the second option, which seemed to me to be more convenient. The base of the pump can be unscrewed and a shock absorbing pad needs to be stuck to where the base used to be. After that you have to attach the metal plate to the pump with two screws and then place the whole thing on top of the radiator. Use another pair of screws to fasten everything:


Since only the pump is attached to the retention plate, the pump and expansion tank unit is not quite straight up when it is in place:

The next step will be installing the radiator with the pump and expansion tank on it on the system case. This is only possible if the latter has a special spot for 120, 90 or 80 mm fan available. You should insert special mounting spindles into the retention holes for the fan and then attach the plastic frame with retention grooves to them:


By the way, there are two types of mounting spindles bundled with the Thermaltake PW880i system: short ones (15 mm) and long ones (30 mm), so the users can actually decide themselves how far away from the back of the system case to put the radiator with the fans.

Once the frame is installed, the unit including the radiator, fans and pump with the expansion tank should be hung on the back of the system case:

All major components are installed. Now all we have to do is install the water block onto the mainboard, connect all hoses and fasten them with clamps. We have already briefly described the installation of the PWB100 block. As for the default Thermaltake PW880i water block, it is installed with a backplate, spindles with washers and screw caps:


After that you put the pre-measured and pre-cut pieces of hose and tighten them with clamps:


This is what Thermaltake PW880i looks like fully assembled and installed onto the system case:


I didn’t use only one system component: the Flow TX liquid flow indicator:

I didn’t find anything really useful in watching tiny rotating red fan and decided that there is no need for additional resistance in the liquid contour created by Flow TX. You can control the liquid flow by the sound of the working pump.

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