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Thermal Measurements

Here are the obtained results:

Nothing really astonishing here. It is quite logical that the water-cooling system on the CPU resulted into a slightly bigger temperature drop. However, the much higher temperature drop on the chipset and graphics card are definitely the result of better internal ventilation of the Tai-Chi case: two additional 120mm fans blowing the warm air outside the case did their job very well. The only parameter where Tai-Chi yielded to Armor is the HDD temperature, which was actually quite predictable, because the front panel of the Tai-Chi case is solid and the air cannot get easily to the in-taking front panel fan.

The situation remained almost the same, except for the CPU temperature that has grown a little bit bigger. But as for the opponent, the Thermaltake Typhoon, it was totally defeated by the new water-cooling solution. The facts are evident: Thermaltake did a terrific job on the new water-cooling. This is the logical outcome resulting from the massive radiator and a powerful pump they employed. I wonder if this water-cooling system is going to supply separately, without the case. Could be kind of nice.

Besides the CPU lower temperature, the VGA card has also got much cooler, which it again owes to better internal airflow and more efficient ventilation of the Tai-Chi case.

Well, there is nothing to really comment on here. For the reasons I have already listed above, Tai-Chi loses to Armor case when it comes to drives cooling. However, the difference is so small, that it can hardly become a serious argument in Armor’s favor.

I have to admit that Tai-Chi operates very quietly for a system case with such a cooling system. Of course, it is not completely noiseless, but the overall noise level is not that much higher than the noise generated by the Armor case. So, I don’t think you will hear much of the Tai-Chi case.

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