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Package and Accessories

The case is shipped in a pretty large box with the exterior design very similar to that of the case itself:


The reverse side of the box contains a detailed description of what is actually inside. However, to be honest, this description doesn’t give you any idea of the realistic features of this product, especially its actual size. Inside you find the following radiator with two massive handles:

Frankly speaking, you will need to really make a significant physical effort to remove this baby from its box: it weights almost 20kg! So far it is a new record of our lab: this is practically the heaviest system case that we have tested so far. Once removed from the box, we didn’t attempt to lift it again, especially since it is equipped with four rolling wheels and hence can be easily moved around. Even though this case is made of aluminum, it turned out so heavy because of 2mm panels used to build it. The first impression that you get when you look at this case is that it is some kind of a heater. And even though we got down to discussing its actual specs later on, most of the jokes and questions were firstly related to the heating potential of this construction and the cold weather that has recently set in. In fact, you can actually heat up your room a little bit with this case, but let’s not get too much ahead of our story.

As for the design of this case, it is very unique, and it is a matter of personal liking or disliking of course. However, there is one key thing worth mentioning: the shape and the color design of the front panel are none other but the Chinese yin-yang symbol.

All the accompanying components were packed into two carton boxes fastened inside the case:

One of them contains the common water cooling kit from Thermaltake:


The retention kit, water unit, pipes and a bottle with the liquid for the system – these are the items you should be pretty familiar with already if you have ever dealt with a water-cooling system from Thermaltake before.

The second box contains four wheels and a set of fastening screws for them:

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