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Exterior Design

Keeping in mind how heavy the case actually is, the handles on top of it are a very useful thing to have, especially since they managed to fit them perfectly well into the entire case concept:

It has already become a tradition for top-end Thermaltake cases that all external interface connectors and ports are located in the middle of the top panel. In this case this is a very convenient location, because the case will evidently stand on the floor and will hardly fit into the desk niche, like those they usually design for system cases. The set of external connectors is quite standard:

There is a large ventilation hole at the bottom of the case:

Before you start working on the system inside the Thermaltake Tai-Chi case, I strongly recommend to fasten the wheels, because it will make your life a lot easier later on when you need to move the case around:

I wouldn’t say that the wheels are of best quality, but they certainly fulfill their major role and even have a stopper, which will prevent the case from moving around on its own. Also these wheels may consume some of the vibrations, which is a good thing. Each wheel is fastened to the case with four screws:

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