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The system is also equipped with a reservoir that is very convenient for pouring the liquid cooling agent in:

The entire system is already preassembled with two loose pipes: the In and Out pipes:

This way you can actually assemble a system with as many water units as you like without much hassle, especially since the pump and the radiator are powerful enough. However, let’s not get too far ahead of our story.

The radiator is designed in Thermaltake’s usual manner:

In fact, this is none other but a common condenser, similar to those you would use for CPU cooling. Only this guy is unusually big and is designed for a complete water-cooling system.

The mainboard is fastened with a few screws to a special plate inside the case, nothing new here:

In Tai-Chi the designers gave up the widely-spread screw-free retention: almost all the devices will be fastened with screws. A remarkable thing is that the right panel of the case where the motherboard is fastened cannot be removed, and there are three rows of holes with the threading right above the mainboard:

Those of you who like passive heatpipe cooling solutions will be very happy about these holes, because the panes of the Tai-Chi case are a ready radiator and all you have to do is to involve them into the heat dissipation process. Although, on the other hand, it doesn’t really make much sense to purchase an expensive system case with pre-installed water cooling system, and then to modify it in such a way that this particular water-cooling will not be necessary any more. 

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