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The simplest way of increasing the efficiency of an air cooler is to make its heatsink larger, provide a more powerful fan or even a couple of fans. In my opinion this is purely extensive development, however, there are a lot of companies out there, who have no problem with taking this extensive path. Take, for instance, the CNPS series coolers from the Korean Zalman Company –7000/7700 and 9500/9700 models. However, despite the seeming simplicity of this approach, it is very effective and larger coolers do offer better cooling efficiency.

Our today’s hero is a new cooling solution from Thermaltake – Thermaltake V14Pro. It is a typical example of this type of coolers, because it is a successor to Thermaltake V1 with a little bit more modest dimensions and weight. So, let’s check out the newcomer now.

Package and Accessories

The large cardboard box that Thermaltake V14Pro (CL-P0472) ships in is designed in Thermaltake’s typical manner. There are two cut-out windows on the front and back of the box that reveal the cooler:


As for the information on the package, it is pretty common for Thermaltake, so there is barely anything peculiar about it that we could point out.

The clear plastic casing inside the cardboard box holds the cooler and a small box with accessories securely:

The small white box contains the following accessories:

  • Swing-clip to install Thermaltake V14Pro onto AMD K8 and K10 processors;
  • Two retention brackets with plastic clips for LGA 775 platforms;
  • Installation instructions in multiple languages;
  • Four LGA 775 retention screws;
  • Thermaltake thermal compound;
  • Thermaltake Key 3 warranty slip.

I would like to mention that the new cooler still comes without the retention kit for the LGA 1366 platform. Another interesting thing is that Thermaltake V14Pro, unlike Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro, is bundled with Thermaltake interface instead of the SilMORE thermal compound. We are going to check out its efficiency in one of our next thermal compound roundups. At this point I have to add that the new cooler is made in China and its recommended price is set at $83. The sample we got for our tests today was made on 08/13/2008.

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