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Design and Functionality

Thermaltake V14Pro cooler is very stately and beautiful:

It has grown up quite a bit: from 147 x 92 x 143 mm to 171 x 100 x 161 mm, however, its design didn’t change. The difference is that now it uses 6 copper heatpipes 6mm in diameter instead of 4:


The heatpipes hold two heatsink arrays, each including 49 thin (~0.15 mm) copper fins. The fins are spread out in a fan-shaped manner starting at the base of the cooler where they are pinched together with small locks. At the top of the heatsink the gap between them is about 5mm. each fin bears an embossed Thermaltake logo.

There is a fan installed between the heatsink arrays. It cools them down with incoming and outgoing airflows:


In my humble opinion, the heatpipes distribution from the cooler base is not quite correct. Two shortest heatpipes coming out of the center of the base lead to the lower part of the “fans” and end almost at the level of the fan rotor. As you know, the airflow generated by the fan is relatively weak in this area. Two heatpipes next to them are a little longer and go in the opposite direction:

They pierce the heatsink a little above the fan rotor. And a pair of external heatpipes transfers the heat to the very top of the two heatsink “fans”. This is the zone where the heatsink temperature is overall lower and the airflow from the fan – higher. So, why couldn’t Thermaltake engineers try making these long heatpipes come out of the center of the cooler base rather than its sides? Theoretically, even despite the length of these heatpipes, the cooling efficiency should improve. By the way, the manufacturer claims that the total length of the heatpipes used in Thermaltake V14Pro cooling solution equals 1730 mm!

Frameless fan is fastened on an aluminum stand between the heatsink arrays. The stand is screwed on to the aluminum pad on the heatpipes:

You can unscrew this aluminum pad and remove it easily. You will notice traces of thermal glue beneath it that is used to ensure better contact between the heatpipes and the copper base plate:

By the way, the fins also glued to the heatpipes, but not soldered, like by Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro, therefore, some of them are not sitting on heatpipes tight enough and may shift if you are not handling the cooler gently.

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