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In the base, the heatpipes lie in special grooves, so there is larger contact area with the base and as a result, the heat is transferred more effectively. The thinnest part of the base beneath the heatpipes measures 3mm:

The base is impeccably finished and polished to mirror-shine, like the base of the praised Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro:

It is also remarkably even: both thermal compound imprints came out extremely fine:

Thermaltake V14Pro uses exact same seven-blade 140-mm fan as BigTyp 14Pro. It is 30 mm tall:


I would like to remind you that its rotation speed may be adjusted from ~1000 to ~1600 RPM at 16.0-24.0 dBA of noise and 85.76 CFM maximum airflow.

TT-1430A fan model is made by EverFlow and has three blue LEDs:

The fan frictionless bearing should last 50,000 hours or over 5.7 years guaranteed. According to the specifications, maximum power consumption of this fan is ~3.84 W (at 0.32 A), although the information on the rotor sticker tells otherwise. However, I have already pointed it out to you in the previous article.

The fan is connected to a three-pin mainboard connector:

You can adjust the fan rotation speed with a small regulator that is not very convenient to work with. It is attached to the main fan cable.

Thermaltake V14Pro weighs 840 g, which is even 40 g heavier than Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro weighs.

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