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Installation Tips

Thermaltake V14Pro may be installed on Intel platforms with LGA 775 socket and AMD platforms for K8 and K10 processors. In the latter case you will have to use the enclosed swing-clip with a thumb-lock that catches to the loops on the standard plastic socket frame:

 Socket 939/AM2 & AM2+

LGA 775

And as for LGA 775 platform, the cooler installs using plastic clips. The cooler is pressed against the processor heat-spreader pretty tightly in this case, because this type of cooler retention even bends the mainboard PCB. However, I would prefer to use reach-through retention with screws and backplate for the cooler of this size and weight. I would also like to mention once again that at this time there is no LGA 1366 retention kit among the bundled accessories.

Thermaltake V14Pro installed into a system case looks like this:


Although the cooler is pretty compact at its base, one of the heatpipes touched the chipset heatsink:

However, this is not a critical issue for LGA 775 mainboards, because you can simply turn the cooler by 90 degrees. As for AMD K8 and K10 platforms, you have to make sure in advance that there are no tall heatsinks in the area around the processor socket. We haven’t revealed any dependence of the cooling efficiency on the way the cooler is facing when installed into the system case. You can also download multi-lingual installation manual from Thermaltake’s official web-site (5.506 KB file).

The fan highlighting looks very pretty in the dark:

Even during the day you can’t help noticing bright blue lighting between the heatsink fins. Although, LED highlighting is a matter of individual preference, of course.

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