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As you can see, the bases are also different. The gap between 8 mm heatpipes in the base of Titan Fenrir cooler measures 1.85 mm, while the 6 mm heatpipes of the Kingwin solution are spaced out at only 1.1 mm from one another. There is an aluminum plate covering the top of the heatpipes in the base that also serves as mounting support:


The finish quality on both bases is very similar and in fact quite common for cooling solutions using heatpipe direct touch. The base surface in both cases is perfectly even:



The thermal compound imprint left by the processor heat-spreader on the base of Titan Fenrir cooler came out quite satisfactory. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about the imprint on the base of Kingwin XT-1264: it didn’t come out as even as it could have been because of relatively low contact pressure, even though it did cover all the heatpipes in the base:


Both heatsinks are equipped with 120x120x25 mm fans:


Titan Fenrir catches your eye with shimmering silverfish fan blades and glossy frame. The Kingwin’s fan looks very simple against the background of the shining competitor, although its sharp blades widened towards the edges and smaller rotor (41 mm in diameter against 44 mm by Fenrir) make Kingwin’s fan more powerful and advanced:



The rotation speed of both fans can be adjusted using pulse-width modulation (PWM) method. As for the declared technical specifications, Titan Fenrir fan supports Titan Fenrir 800-2200 RPM speed range (33.2-78.41 CFM, 17.2-39.0 dBA), and Kingwin XT-1264 fan should work in the 700-2300 RPM interval (82.0-101.2 CFM, 34.5-38.0 dBA). As you can see, both fans support very similar rotation speeds, while the airflow and noise level data seem to be spinned out of thin air (especially Kingwin XT-1264’s numbers).

Both fans use “improved” slide bearings with 60,000 hours declared MTBF.


The claimed current readings are very similar for both fans that is why we can expect them to consume about the same amount of power during work, but we will have to check it out during our test session.

Both fans are attached to the heatsinks using two wire clips. The only difference is that on Titan Fenrir these clips catch on the inside of the fan frame, while on Kingwin XT-1264 – on the outside of the fan frame:


There are no additional clips included with the coolers as well as no mounting space on the cooler heatsink for the second fan.

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