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Installation Tips

Both new coolers can be installed onto any of the contemporary platforms, they come bundled with everything necessary for that. Titan Fenrir is installed through the mainboard PCB with very secure screw-on retention, which is extremely important for cooling solutions using heatpipe direct touch technology:

The only problem here is that you will have to remove the mainboard from the system case in order to install this cooler. As for Kingwin XT-1264, you won’t need to do that, because the cooler installed onto LGA1366/775 platforms with standard plastic push-pins, and onto AMD mainboards – with a traditional swing-clip that catches on to the loops in the default preinstalled retention frame around the processor socket.



The distance from the mainboard to the lowest heatsink plate of Titan Fenrir cooler is about 45-47 mm, which is more than enough to ensure that there won’t be any conflict between the cooler and the heatsinks on mainboard voltage regulator components. Fenrir is also very unlikely to interfere with the memory DIMMs featuring tall heat-spreaders, as it is only 124 mm wide. Kingwin XT-1264 is even narrower (only 120 mm), so there shouldn’t be any problems here either.

There is nothing is manuals about the preferable positioning of the coolers inside the system case, but in our tests both coolers worked more efficiently when they were installed with the airflow directed towards the top of the system case, rather than the back of it (the photo below shows the correct positioning for Kingwin cooler and the incorrect one for Titan).


The temperature difference between two cooler positions made about 3-4 °C.

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