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Cooling Efficiency and Acoustic Performance

First of all let’s check out the diagram with CPU temperature under different coolers, which will allow us to compare the efficiency of tested solutions. The first group shows the results obtained with standard fans, and the second group – with two Noiseblocker fans:

Judging by the obtained results, we get the impression that Titan Fenrir and Kingwin XT-1264 coolers compete only against one another, because another cooler with heatpipe direct-touch technology participating in our today’s test session – XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer - is way more efficient, not to mention Thermalright IFX-14. However, we didn’t expect these new solutions to work any cooling wonders here. If we compare the efficiency of a heatpipe direct touch solution using 6 mm heatpipes vs. 8 mm heatpipes, we have to say that bigger heatpipes do not seem to provide any serious advantage. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that Kingwin’s heatpipes are packed closer together at the base than Titan’s ones, which means that overheated (or unevenly heated) zones under the processor heat-spreader are less likely to occur with Kingwin XT-1264 cooler.

Now let’s take a look at the noise readings in the entire rotation speed range of the default fans. For comparison purposes we have also tested Kingwin XT-1264 cooler with a single Noiseblocker NB-Multiframe MF12-S3HS fan and added the noise readings of this non-standard configuration to the chart:

Both cooler fans turned out pretty noisy not only from our subjective standpoint but also according to the test results. And these are particularly the fans, because when we compared the results with what we got on Kingwin XT-1264 cooler with a Noiseblocker fan, the difference was humongous. Moreover, Kingwin’s fan started to howl very unpleasantly in the interval between 800 and 900 RPM. Titan’s fan, however, generated slight crackling sound up until 1300 RPM speed, which then disappeared in the noise from the fan airflow at higher speeds. Overall, both these fans are very similar in terms of their acoustic performance, except the 1800+ RPM speeds where Kingwin XT-1264 is louder than Titan Fenrir. I would also like to add that Titan’s startup voltage is 4.2 V and maximum power consumption didn’t exceed 3.6 W. Kingwin XT-1264 showed 4.8 V and 3.68 W respectively.

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