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So, what is better: four 6 mm heatpipes or four 8 mm heatpipes? Unfortunately, we couldn’t answer this question today. Frankly speaking, in the course of our review it turned out an impossible question to answer, because for a valid comparison we need two coolers with identical specifications and same number of heatpipes of different diameter. And the coolers we discussed today, Titan Fenrir and Kingwin XT-1264, are not like that, as you already know. So, the question remains open for now.

When we compared two new solutions against one another, it was really hard to pick one favorite, because they demonstrated very similar cooling efficiency and acoustic performance, support the same platforms and sell at the same price. We could say that Titan Fenrir seems a little more appealing because of a remarkable retention solution, but I am sure that some users may not be happy about taking the system apart in order to replace the CPU or processor cooler. Kingwin XT-1264, on the contrary, doesn’t require that. Also, Titan Fnerir has a little more attractive exterior design and comes with Royal Grease paste as a nice bonus. However, Kingwin weighs less. Anyway, I am sure that you will be able to make your choice based on your own needs.

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