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It is really hard to believe but 7-8 years ago, when no one even heard about Scythe or Thermalright, and Phanteks and Noctua didn’t even exist, the Taiwanese TITAN Technology Limited was one of the leaders in entry-level as well as super-efficient processor cooling systems. Although their famous “butterfly-coolers” Vanessa S- and L-type and a thermo-electrical Amanda TEC weren’t absolutely issue-free, they won many overclockers’ hearts. After that the company’s progress slowed down for some reason, there were no new interesting ideas on the cooling front, plus numerous competitors have reached such serious pace that Titan still has hard time catching up with them up until now.

Nevertheless, today we are going to talk about this particular company and its coolers. And the main reason for that is their new Fenrir Siberia Edition CPU cooler, which the flagship product in Titan’s CPU cooler line-up.

I have to mention that Titan already has a few Fenrir tower-coolers in their product range. For example, the original Fenrir, beautiful Fenrir Christmas Edition, or golden Fenrir EVO with copper inserts. However, our today’s hero takes a special spot in this lineup, as it is not only the most expensive Titan cooler, but also the most unique one, which we haven’t seen by Titan before.

Packaging and Accessories

The cardboard box of the new cooler is very large and heavy that is why a plastic carry-handle comes in really handy here:

There is a photograph of the cooler on the front of the box together with the model name, the description of the key features and a mention of the fact that Fenrir Siberia Edition is capable of handling up to 220 W CPUs. However, these numbers in the coolers specifications do not really mean much, as a rule.

The package sides and back flaps describe all the same features but in a little bit greater detail, with illustrations and in eight different languages, some translations being very entertaining to read:


Inside the cardboard box there is a clear plastic blister molded precisely following the shape of the heatsink and fans, which are firmly affixed on the heatsink. This double-packaging will minimize possible transportation damages. There is a separate smaller box with accessories including the following items:

  • Universal backplate;
  • Universal retention bracket;
  • Y-cable for the fans;
  • Two pairs of wire clips for attaching the fans;
  • A set of washers, bushes, screws and thumb-screws;
  • A step-by-step guide on how to assemble and install the cooler;
  • Titan Royal grease.

The cooler is manufactured in China and costs… $90! This is how Titan managed to jump from “3-cent fans” to a price segment, where CPU air-coolers can be counted with the fingers of one hand. The cooler comes with a one-year warranty.

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