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Compatibility and Installation

It was very difficult to imagine that an air-cooler costing as much as a mainstream processor could be incompatible with any of the platforms. Luckily, it isn’t the case and you can install Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition onto any of the contemporary (and even not very contemporary) mainboard. The installation procedure is described in detail on the official company web-site. In general, it is the same for all platforms, because you will be using the same backplate and retention bracket except for the LGA 2011 systems, where you will have to use double-sided threaded bushes, which should go into the socket retention holes:


After that you have to apply a layer of thermal paste, install the cooler and evenly tighten the thumb-screws on top of the retention bracket:

The retention provides very high pressure hold, which together with crossed notches on the retention bracket and the corresponding slits in the base doesn’t let the cooler shift under its own weight.

The clearance between the mainboard and the lowest heatsink fin of the Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition cooler is 55 mm, which is more than enough to avoid any possible conflicts with the tall heatsinks on the voltage regulator components or tall memory heat-spreaders:


Note that the 120 mm fan on the vertically positioned heatsink array hangs about 8 mm below the heatsink, although it didn’t cause any conflicts between the memory and the cooler. This is what Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition looks like on our mainboard:

And this is what this giant looks like inside the system case:

Pretty massive, but it doesn’t interfere with any components.

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