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Acoustic Performance

We measured the noise from our testing participants in the entire supported speed range of their fans following the methodology described above. The results are summed up on the following graph:

As we see, both fans of the Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition work quieter than a pair of Phanteks fans, which as we remember aren’t that quiet. They remain acoustically comfortable only up to 700-150 RPM, while the noisiest of the Fenrir Siberia fans is acoustically comfortable up to 1150 RPM. However, even this big difference in rotation speeds and noise can hardly justify the mediocre cooling efficiency of Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition, because Phanteks PH-TC14PE at 800 RPM is more effective than Titan cooler at 1900/2270 RPM. If we compare 140- and 120-mm Titan Kukri fans, we will see that the larger model is louder than the smaller one in the entire rotation speed range that is why the noise from the small fan dies in the noise from the 140 mm one. I would like to add that both fans work very softly and their rotation speed changes smoothly without abrupt transitions, crackling or electrical parasitic sounds. Here Titan did a really great job, no complaints.


Unfortunately, Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition turned out a disappointment. A cooler of this size, over 1 kg weight, two heatsink arrays, two fans and a 90-dollar price tag should be if not among the best CPU air-coolers, then at least be very close to them. We didn’t see that in Fenrir Siberia today, and the difference in performance with a competing super-cooler sometimes reached two digits. Pretty modest size of the effective heatsink surface, no soldering in the contact spots, not the most suitable fans – all these factors didn’t let Titan’s giant demonstrate the efficiency that would be expected from a cooler of this price. However, Titan Fenrir Siberia Edition does have a few indisputable advantages. This cooler is universal; it features very secure and reliable retention mechanism, and provides excellent cooling for the components around the CPU socket and the memory modules. Its quality fans have very good acoustic characteristics. The system is easy to put together and to install. However, all these highs do not justify its very high price. So, for now we can only cherish the memory of the titans…

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