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In forum threads discussing processor cooling systems you can often come across two types of questions: why they would make anything like that at all and why we test it. Strange as it might seem, but the answers to both these questions are right there on there surface. Unfortunately, cooling efficiency and low noise have become secondary for most cooling solutions out there. The reason for that lies with human psychology: potential buyers very often get attracted to impressive looks, fan highlighting or vivid stickers promising “unprecedented performance”. I assure you that this user group is much more numerous than the users who know at least something about the basics of efficient cooling. Overclocker group is even smaller than that, which means such coolers will always be in demand.

The answer to second question seems to be even simpler. Taking into account what has just been said, you understand that we intend to encourage as many users as possible to move from the first group to the second. In other words, we have to discuss and test as many cooling solutions as possible, no matter how efficient they may seem at first glance. Moreover, sometimes even experienced users cannot tell by the look of the cooler how efficient it will be in practical tests. Today we re going to talk about two coolers like that – the clone-coolers - EVERCOOL Transformer 6 and TITAN CoolIdol.

Package and Accessories

Both cooler from EVERCOOL and TITAN come in boxes of the same size provides with convenient carry handles:

Of course, the boxes have different design and EVERCOOL box also has a cut out window in the front revealing part of the cooler inside. The boxes have all sorts of information printed on them starting with key features description and finishing with the fact about new thermal compound inside. One side of each box contains a list of cooler technical specifications. TITAN solution seems to have more items in this list:


The cooler shave different specs, but we are going to discuss it later in our article. In the meanwhile let’s check out the accessories bundled with these coolers and packed in separate boxes:

Inside these smaller boxes you can find the following items:


As you can see, they differ only by the fan rotation speed regulators and thermal compounds. In fact, EVERCOOL Transformer 6 comes with a button regulator that allows setting the fan into quiet mode or at maximum rotation speed. TITAN CoolIdol comes with a variable regulator that should be installed into the case rear panel instead one of the brackets.

Both coolers are made in China.

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