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Design and Functionality

The coolers look pretty unusual (hereinafter we will be showing EVERCOOL Transformer 6 on the left and TITAN CoolIdol on the right):

Each of them uses 6 copper heatpipes 6mm in diameter that hold three aluminum heatsink arrays. They are topped with 120x120x25mm fans and their sides are partially covered with aluminum casings:

The EVERCOOL Transformer 6 cooler measures 155x140x120mm, while TITAN CoolIdol is claimed to be a little bigger: 163x142.5x125mm, although they both look pretty identical (TITAN CoolIdol seems to be 2mm taller because of the fan grill). EVERCOOL Transformer 6 weighs 873g, while the weight of TITAN CoolIdol is not mentioned anywhere, but it hardly differs too much from the weight of the EVERCOOL solution.

The key distinguishing feature of EVERCOOL Transformer 6 and TITAN CoolIdol coolers from other air coolers is the use of three aluminum heatsinks, each hanging on a pair of heatpipes:

Four heatpipes out of six come out of one side of the base and hold two upper heatsink arrays, while the remaining two heatpipes come out of another side of the base and hold the additional lower heatsink that doesn’t touch the any of the upper ones:

Note that the lower heatsink uses two central heatpipes that take on lion’s share of heat. It is a very questionable solution, because the heatsink is pretty small and the airflow from the fan reaches it after going through the upper heatsink plates. We should also keep in mind that there is a “dead zone” right beneath the fan motor, which is exactly where the third smaller heatsink is located.

The aluminum plates of all three heatsinks are spaced out at 2mm and are about 0.3mm thick:

Four heatpipes that go to one side of the base intersect with one another:

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