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It could have been done to make the heatsink sturdier. Anyway, since two and four heatpipes go into opposite directions from the base and intersect, the coolers are not really compact at the base:

Here I would like to mention that there was only one way to install these coolers onto ASUS P5K Deluxe mainboard out of four theoretically possible options. But, I am going to return to it later, in the Installation charter of our review.

The heatpipes lie in special grooves in the cooler base, which increases the contact surface area and thus improves heat dissipation:

I couldn’t find out how they are actually attached to the base, because no traces of soldering or thermal glue were anywhere to be seen. The thinnest part of the copper plate beneath the heatpipes measures 2mm.

The bases of both coolers are finished similarly well. There is no mirror-shine here, however there are no machine marks or other defects often typical of sir coolers either:

The base is also very even, no complaints here. The thermal compound imprint on the processor heat-spreader turned out very even:

Both coolers come equipped with shiny seven-blade 120-mm fans installed on top of aluminum casing:


Moreover, the fan doesn’t touch the casing and on both coolers, EVERCOOL Transformer 6 as well as TITAN CoolIdol, the fans are installed on silicon spindles that absorb vibrations and shift the fan noise into more comfortable acoustic range:

The fans are very similar from the constructive standpoint, but their use different motors:


According to the specs, the fan of EVERCOOL Transformer 6 fan rotate at ~1200RPM or ~1800RPM depending on the operational mode set using the bundled regulator. The noise levels in this case will be 23dBA or 30dBA respectively. However, TITAN CoolIdol has a more functional fan. Its rotation speed may vary from ~800RPM to ~2200RPM with the noise changing from 17.2dBA to 39dBA. Moreover, the TITAN fan supports PWM rotation speed control feature.

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