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Cooling Efficiency Tests

So, inside a closed system case using the “weakest” cooling system with one quiet fan we managed to overclock our 45nm quad-core processor to the modest frequency of 3.7GHz (+23.3%). The nominal processor Vcore was increased to 1.4625V in the mainboard BIOS (+17%):

The monitoring utilities reported a little lower voltage setting than the one in the mainboard BIOS: 1.42~1.44V:

The obtained results are summed up on the following diagram:


Unfortunately, we have to admit that the new EVERCOOL Transformer 6 and TITAN CoolIdol cooling solutions didn’t show any remarkable cooling efficiency during quad-core processor overclocking. As we have just seen, these coolers are bulky, expensive and not very quiet. Besides, they are not efficient enough to let the CPU reveal its full potential.

Frankly speaking, it is pretty hard to determine what the target user group for these solutions would be. I believe these are users who do not overclock, have enough money to spend and value unique looks and beautiful fan LEDs more than cooling efficiency or low noise.

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