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When assembled, the cooler is quite compact and poises no problems as you install it into a modern system case.

The PIPE101 looks very small. It is simply lost in comparison with the system 120mm fans. As for its efficiency, it performed quite well in my tests:

74°C for such a smaller cooler with an average fan seems to be a good result. Of course, I can’t recommend it for top-end processors (the 74°C result was achieved at a rather low room temperature, so you must have an air-conditioner to repeat it). Thermaltake PIPE101 rev.2 is going to be a good choice for a midrange system with a not very advanced CPU. Judging by its price, it is targeted exactly at that market sector.

As for noise, it depends on the fan you install. The noise from the fan I chose was no louder than that of the default system fans. When they were halted, a low noise from the cooler could be heard. So, you don’t have to worry about that much. The noise from this cooler is going to be inaudible in an ordinary system like I used in my tests. In other cases, it will depend on the type of the installed fan.

The users of the Socket A platform are going to appreciate the PIPE101 the most. It is quite capable of cooling any processor for that platform, remaining absolutely quiet.

Our Verdict: Thermaltake PIPE101 rev.2

Highs: Small size; classic fasteners; you can choose which fan to use

Lows: Nor the best design for cooling modern top-end processors

Conclusion: A good cooler for midrange systems

Average retail price - $30

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