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Aren’t you surprised that the manufacturers announce new CPU air-coolers remarkably regularly unlike cooling solutions for other system components? For example, I have always been curious to understand what was the goal for rolling out the new cooling solutions that cannot boast better features combination (such as efficiency, acoustics and price) than the already existing ones. I believe that it would be very hard to compete in this market segment without offering better key features than the already existing models. It is even harder to design an ideal cooler that could suit each and everyone in all aspects (I doubt we will ever see anything like that).

Despite this fact, the manufacturers continue to release their new cooling solutions. For example, today while we are discussing two brand spanking new coolers from Thermaltake and Scythe, the former is launching four coolers with new fans, while the latter has already released and starts selling two new solutions. Other well-known brands are also catching up. In other words, there is no stagnation in this market segment, whatsoever. But does it really make sense? – That’s a different question. Most of our regular readers already have a certain air cooler with sufficient efficiency, so it will take a lot to make them replace their piece with anything else. Our today’s review will give food for thought to many of you.

Thermaltake TMG IA1 (CL-P0489)

Package and Accessories

The new cooler from Thermaltake Technology comes in a large brightly decorated box that has a cut-out opening in the front revealing part of the cooler sitting in a clear plastic casing:

There is a small cooler photo on the front of the box and a tag promising 5-year warranty. 5 years is really cool, but I doubt that anyone will use this cooler for such a long time, because platforms get upgraded at least three times more frequently.


The back of the box is dedicated to describing the cooler key features, bears the schematic description of the airflow trajectories and has a few small photos of TMG IA1 components.

At the bottom of the plastic casing that has almost fallen apart on the way to our lab we found a small flat box with the following accessories:

  • Two retention brackets and screws for LGA775 platform;
  • Fan rotation speed controller;
  • Swing-clip for Socket AM2(+) mainboards;
  • Installation manual;
  • A 1g pack of SilMORE thermal interface;
  • Warranty sheet.
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