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Accessories: AquaBay M3 and AquaBay M4

So, I’ve got two small boxes here:

Easy to see, this is nothing else but a slightly modified AquaBay M3 reservoir and a new HDD water-block AquaBay M4, both for the 5.25” bay. Let’s discuss the latter thing first. The small box contains a water-block, two thermal pads, fittings, and two lengths of pipe:

There are two sets of fittings:

The first set is for Thermaltake’s older systems that used to come with pipes that had an external diameter of 8mm. The second set is for a ?-inch pipe, which has become a standard among all the leading manufacturers of liquid cooling systems. There are two pipes here, too:

It is absolutely good that the pipes now have a diameter of half an inch. Besides reducing the resistance to the water flow, this ensures compatibility of Thermaltake’s products with standard components from other manufacturers. It means you can easily replace the radiator, for example. Thermaltake also expands the potential market for its accessories which are considerably cheaper than those from the renowned brands.

There are two thermal pads in the kit, which is good, too.

You don’t have to worry that the pad may get damaged as you are replacing your hard disk drive.

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