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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme is a universal cooling solution: it can be installed onto any contemporary platform except LGA1156. Therefore, there is a steel backplate with a sealing pad and holes for mounting spindles:

By the way, the owners of LGA1156 platforms shouldn’t be upset, because Tuniq already has a retention plate for this platform as well, available separately.

To install the cooler on any of supported platforms, you should insert two or four threaded mounting spindles into the retention plate, tighten the screw-nuts on them and place rubber washers on top:

There are separate kits with screw-nuts and washers for Intel and AMD platforms that is why the gap between the backplate and the mainboard PCB will be different for each platform installation:

Once the backplate is in place, you can proceed with the cooler installation onto the CPU. The retention plate is already attached to the cooler base, but you must install two additional retention panels if you work with a Socket AM2(+)/AM3 platform. After that you simply tighten the screw caps with springs evenly:


There is a 45 mm distance between the contact surface of the cooler base and the lowest heatsink plate, however, the lowest edge of the cooling fan is only 30 mm away from the base that is why it wouldn’t let you install memory modules with tall heat-spreaders into the two closest DIMM slots on Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H (Socket AM2):

You will end up with only one blocked memory DIMM slot (the first one) if you are using Asus P6T Deluxe mainboard (LGA1366). You will have no problems with Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme and memory modules featuring low-profile heat-spreaders or no heat-spreaders at all.


You can always consult a list of guaranteed compatible mainboards on the official company web-site.

As for the preferred cooler positioning on the CPU, the manual only mentions it in respect to the LGA1366 platforms and Core i7 processors:

As you see, Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme should be installed so that the heatpipes running through the cooler base covered the most of the processor heat-spreader. Since AMD Socket AM2(+)/AM3 and Intel LGA775 processors have square heat-spreaders, this recommendation doesn’t apply to them.

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