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Acoustic Performance

We tested the acoustic performance of Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme not only with a single default fan but also with a Thermalright TR-FDB fan. The results turned out pretty interesting:

It turned out that the new cooler works quieter with its default fan than with a high-performance Thermalright TR-FDB fan. But the reason is not in the uniqueness or some remarkable qualities of the default cooler fan, but in a successful combination of a heatsink and a fan. Thermalright TR-FDB is noisier because Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme would produce some sort of clinging sound at the same speed (probably because of higher static pressure), which was immediately registered by the noise meter device.

The acoustic readings and our subjective impressions from the cooler allow us to conclude that it is a quiet solution at 1050 RPM fan rotation speed. After that the noise level increases dramatically up until 1250 RPM. After that and until 1630 RPM noise level increases linearly with the fan rotation speed and then makes another significant upsurge in the interval until 1850 RPM. Despite this non-linear increase in the level of generated noise, we didn’t register any crackling of the fan or jingling of the heatsink plates in the entire rotation speed range. The startup fan voltage is 3.2 V and its peak power consumption at maximum speed didn’t exceed 3.5 W.

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