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It is not for nothing that I mentioned Thermaltake. If we look at Tuniq Tower 120, it will surely remind us of Thermaltake Sonic Tower. However, our today’s hero has every single trifle taken care of and is free from multiple Thermaltake’s flaws. We have already discussed Thermaltake Sonic Tower in great detail in our review called Battle of the Titans: Super Coolers from Scythe, Thermaltake and Zalman Face to Face , however I think that I would still mention a few things here again.

Thermaltake Sonic Tower

You will agree that these two coolers have a lot in common. Even their names sound similarly: Tuniq Tower / Sonic Tower, although this is an indisputable coincidence. Sonic Tower has no grooves in the footing, the pipes are just slightly flattened to increase the contact area. The fan of the Tuniq Tower 120 is mounted in the center, which is exactly what we thought would be great to improve the cooling efficiency of the Thermaltake Sonic Tower. It creates much better airflow with higher cooling efficiency compared to what you get when the fan is installed on one of the sides of the heatsink. Moreover, by placing the fan into the heatsink, you do not increase the size of the cooling solution. As you remember, Thermaltake’s cooler will not fit onto any mainboard. Last time we had to move the memory DIMMs into the farther slots when we tried to install the Sonic Tower onto the mainboard.

Installation difficulties with Thermaltake Sonic Tower

As for Tuniq Tower 120, the manufacturer claims that it will fit onto the majority of boards and into most mid- and full-tower cases out there, because its heatsink fins start at 5.5cm above the mainboard PCB and no electronic components should be in the way at that height. The cooler itself is only 15.5cm high, while the standard case depth is 19cm.

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