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Well, let’s remove the Tuniq Tower 120 cooler and install Zalman CNPS9500 LED instead. Let’s see what the repeated tests will produce:

This was a truly unexpected result! The cooler didn’t perform any better, and simply repeated the results obtained in the previous test session. Just to make sure I removed the cooler and reinstalled it again, but nothing happened: 47o C in idle mode and 60o C under workload. It could mean only one thing: it’s time we gave up our search for missing differences and admitted the evident: there are no differences in the testing environments and conditions, the comparison is absolutely correct. Simply the new Tuniq Tower 120 cooler is a much more efficient solution than its famous rivals. You can see it much better on the diagram below:

The results are especially impressive if we take into account the fact that Tuniq Tower 120 has some room left for improvement, i.e. it has not yet exhausted all its reserves. For example, you can polish off the footing and thus gain a little bit more on the efficiency side. As for the faster rotating fan, I wouldn’t take this option into consideration, because a 120mm fan working at 2,000rpm can be a little bit too noisy for a home system.

What will a hardware enthusiast do when he finds out about a great cooling solution like that? Of course, he will try to buy it. I also went online to Tuniq’s web-site section “where to buy”, but found no answer to my question. search also resulted in a single offer from one store where this baby is selling for $49.

But this is a good sign. If they start selling this solution, then it means that there is some interest. And hopefully after our review this interest will increase.

According to the results of our tests we decided to award Tuniq Tower 120 cooler with our prestigious Editor’s Choice Award.

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