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So which solution of the three tested today could we recommend as a worthy alternative to a reference cooler on Radeon HD 4870? If you are not into any overclocking experiments, you can go with any of the three or even the old Arctic Cooling Accelero S1. With the graphics card working at nominal frequencies all coolers did well and demonstrated much better acoustic performance than the “stock” cooler on Radeon HD 4870. However, overclockers should first of all take care of proper voltage regulator cooling, before they switch to anything alternative, otherwise, they will not be able to achieve any pleasing results on such overclocking-friendly graphics card.

If you have already taken care of this problem, then I would recommend checking out Scythe Musashi and Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo as they proved to be the quietest and most efficient coolers of the three tested today. The Japanese swordsman is a little quieter and creates a much greater airflow. And if Scythe engineers had used four heatpipes instead of two and had soldered them into cut-out grooves in the cooler base instead of using thermal glue on them, Musashi could have become the ultimate best cooler. Right now it is just a good universal cooler with a lot of additional heatsinks, but slightly overpriced.

The Twin Turbo from Arctic Cooling may attract your attention due to its low price, efficient TX-2 thermal compound and remarkable Swiss quality. Arctic Cooling solutions really need to get a little more widely spread. As for the Titan twin Turbo, it is just a good inexpensive cooler, simple as that.

Why didn’t I mention Radeon HD 4850 anywhere in this article and didn’t include it into the diagrams? Well, any of the tested cooling solutions will be more efficient and quieter than the reference cooler on this graphics card, so, in this case, just pick the one you like the most. No tests are necessary to justify the choice.

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