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There is a small aluminum heatsink under the left fan directly above the cooler base:

Since the heatpipes coming out of the cooler base go along the graphics card PCB and not across it, like in most other VGA cooling solutions, they could have hardly designed this part of the cooler differently. In fact, it is pretty strange that Scythe Musashi uses only two heatpipes and not four. In the latter case the cooler could have turned out much more efficient.

The nickel-plated cooler base covered with protective plastic film is ideally even and polished to mirror-shine quality.

There are no grooves in the base plate. Scythe continues using the simple but less effective way of attaching the heatpipes to the base: they flatten the heatpipes to increase the contact surface and use thermal glue.

Two 13-blade fans measuring 100 x 100 x 12mm are attached to the top of the heatsink with wire clips:

The rotation speed of these fans using slide bearings can be adjusted from ~800 to ~2000 RPM with the help of a rotation speed regulator included with the cooler. It can be installed onto the case rear panel instead of one of the conventional brackets:

Moreover, the included Molex power adapter allows connecting Scythe Musashi fans not only to the mainboard fan connectors, but also to a Molex out on the PSU. Each fan creates 11.45-27.6 CFM airflow and generates between 12.5 and 29.22 dBA of noise. Their combined maximum power consumption shouldn’t exceed 2.6W.

Now a few words about the installation procedure. Scythe Musashi is compatible with a humongous number of contemporary and older graphics cards (you can find the full list of supported graphics accelerators in the specification table below). Therefore, its retention plates have a total of 22 threaded holes that can accommodate two or four retention spindles:

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